A Brewery Afternoon

On weekends that we are in town, we typically take a day trip to visit Grandma, who lives in the cute little town of Waxhaw. About 30 minutes south of Charlotte, it’s a quick drive and a great escape for the pups. This past Sunday afternoon we decided to stop on our way out at a local watering hole, The Dreamchaser’s Brewery.

Located in “downtown” Waxhaw, the Brewery is in the old Volunteer Fire Department located right across the street from the iconic footbridge that crosses over the train tracks. Open for about a year, Dreamchaser’s has quickly become a favorite haunt of ours. The beer is good, the bartenders are friendly and knowledgeable, and, of course, it’s pup-friendly!

A quick note: Sawyer is only nine weeks old, and since he hasn’t had his last set of vaccines, he isn’t supposed to be around other dogs. Because of this, we were pretty careful about bringing him to Dreamchaser’s. He slept on mom’s lap the entire time, and he got a lot of love from the other patrons. Huck, a frequent visitor to DCB, quickly settled down in his spot under our table.

The Beer

IMG_1444 2

The great thing about DCB is that they don’t mind experimenting with flavor, but they have some awesome standards that are always on tap. We recommend:

  • Just Deal Wit It: An unfiltered wheat – SO GOOD!
  • Footbridge IPA: named after the Waxhaw bridge, this is a solid IPA with a hint of citrus. Our go to!
  • Crazy Socks: A nice American pale lager – if you are looking for something a bit lighter for those hot summer days, this is it. We ended up getting a growler of this to take out to Grandma’s farm.

If you’re up for a bit of an adventure, try TJ’s Ale. History buffs, rejoice! This recipe comes straight from Thomas Jefferson himself. It’s sweet, but stout. A good one to try, at least to say you’ve tasted it! Also, spice lovers…check out the Arsonist. It’s a Jalapeño Cream Ale, and not too heavy on the jalapeño.

Can’t decide? DCB offers a flight of 4 brews of your choosing, served on a wooden block. The glasses are good-sized, so you are sure to get a nice sampling of each.

Their growlers are probably the cutest things around, but they are SUPER popular and go fast, so don’t be surprised if you show up and they are sold out.


Adventure Pup Review

In terms of pup-friendliness, we give this place 4 out of 5 stars! They have water bowls available for the dogs, and, since it’s located in an old fire department, the garage doors are kept open on nice days, allowing for a nice breeze. Across the street is the footbridge and a nice grassy area, so you can easily take them out for a quick bathroom break. The floors are concrete, so if there is a spill or accident, it’s fairly easy cleanup. Huck stepped on the water bowl while we were there, and paper towels were readily available for an easy mop-up. They did not have doggie waste bags that we saw, and although it’s not an issue for us (since we always have them attached to their leashes) it would be a nice addition in case people forget them or run out. The only drawback for pups, which Huck will tell you, is the train. They blow their horn when they come through downtown, which can be scary for some pups with sensitive ears. Yikes!


We love this place! It’s a nice change of pace from the crowded breweries around Charlotte, and you get the added bonus of being in a quaint little downtown with plenty of shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. They offer some food and snacks in-house, and are friendly with most restaurants in the area, who will deliver to DCB! We recommend making a long afternoon out of it. Go on a Saturday, wander around the shops (most of whom are pet-friendly), then head over to the brewery. Hope to see you there!