Has it sunk in yet?

Sometimes I feel as though I have to pinch myself as a reminder that, YES, this is all real. That THIS is the life we get to live! I look back at pictures like this one and I can take a deep breath, knowing that we made the right decision for us.


It hasn’t been easy – in fact, parts of it have kind of sucked – but damn if I’m not grateful for every. single. moment. Multiple times a day I find myself grinning like an idiot because I can’t figure out what to do or where to go. In my “old life” I was plagued by indecision, and that hasn’t changed- I still have a hard time choosing a path. But now, instead of it being between the lesser of two evils, or one stress-inducing decision over another, it’s choosing between things that are all amazing and good and exciting and breathtaking and y’all someone stop me.


I am absolutely not trying to brag or preach or any of those things, but I still can’t get over how FREAKING COOL this is. There are just so many places we want to explore, and even though we know we are around here for at least another few months, it doesn’t feel like enough time!


Exhibit A: we just found out Chris has a four-day weekend coming up, and we spent hours last night trying to figure out where to go. Should we spend a weekend in Seattle? Portland? Drive down to northern California and go to some wineries? Dry camp in the Deschutes? Olympic NP? Crater Lake? Mt. Hood? Mt. Rainier? Seriously – there are so many incredible places within just a day drive, we don’t know where to start.


I think it’s just now hitting us how absolutely packed the Pac NW is with adventure options. It’s really overwhelming, and the only thing that’s keeping me sane and in check is knowing that, unlike Walter Donovan, we can’t choose poorly. Everything we have experienced out here has been nothing short of spectacular. And this is just one, very small corner of this vast and beautiful country. Which means we have so many more adventures in front of us and this is just the beginning.