About Us

We initially created Pups on Adventure to chronicle our travels with Huck and Sawyer, and hopefully, as a helpful site for families similar to ours – those looking for getaways and locations that include their four-legged kids. However, our adventure has recently taken a drastic change. In May of 2018, we sold our house and most of our possessions, packed up our lives, and moved across the country in a 20 foot travel trailer, our little RPod.

Here we will chronicle the journey – the good, the bad, and the ugly (and we KNOW there will be some ugly…living in 100 square feet with two people and two pups, it’s inevitable). We hope to detail everything and show you the painfully honest truth about transitioning from a “normal” life to a life on wheels.

Even though this will be less about our boys and more about our life, we are keeping the name, because it’s where we started, and it’s who we are.

Pups on Adventure truly began years ago with our original Adventure Pup, Gryffin. Gryffin was a border collie / lab mix, and we ironically dubbed him “Adventure Pup,” because he was a bit of a chicken. We absolutely love the outdoors, and it was natural for us to bring Gryffin along on our adventures. He was a good little hiker, as long as there were no other dogs or people on the trail, and the kayak was fine, as long as it wasn’t too windy and there weren’t that many waves. IMG_6639

As the years went by, Gryffin became more acclimated to the frequent mountain trips and river floats, and turned into the best adventure buddy anyone could ask for. He had his favorite “spot” on the kayak, and would let his tail dip in the water as dad paddled them around. On trails, he was quick to spot the best route up and waited patiently as his mom climbed after him. In March of 2017, Gryffin passed peacefully after a lifetime of adventures. He was our soulmate, our forever pup, and he is missed by his Adventure Family every single day. IMG_9125

Pups on Adventure is in honor of Gryffin’s spirit and his brave little heart. We adventure because even though it can be scary at times, it’s always worth it in the end.

If you have questions about any part of our journey, or are curious and want to hear more about a certain aspect of this crazy adventure, please contact us through our site! We would love to keep in touch!