Meet The Pups

We are Huckleberry and Sawyer…the Adventure Pups!

Let’s start with Huckleberry…


Huckleberry, aka Huck, aka Bug, was adopted into his Adventure Family in May of 2016. He was a rescue pup – the best kind! Apparently, his mom was dumped at an animal shelter while pregnant, and our local SPCA got wind of it and rescued her. She gave birth to a litter of 11 puppies. Mom was a black lab, but we have no idea what Dad was. Huck definitely favors the lab breed, but his blocky head and broad chest lead us to believe he may have some Staffy in him.

Huck is a sweet boy who absolutely loves to cuddle. He isn’t happy unless he is touching someone. His appetite is unparalleled…he cries for bananas and carrots, and loves bobbing for ice.


In terms of adventures, Huck is a trooper! His big brother Gryffin taught him everything he knows. He loves to go hiking, and is more than happy to carry his own pack. Although he isn’t 100% comfortable with the kayak yet, he loves chasing it.


Sawyer joined the Adventure Family on April 1st, 2017. It took a lot of convincing to family and friends that no, Sawyer was NOT an April Fool’s joke.


Another rescue pup, Sawyer’s litter was left in a box outside of a WalMart. Someone turned them in to animal control, who contacted the SPCA to see if they could care for them. The litter was only four weeks old! Luckily, the SPCA was up to the challenge and bottle-fed them until they reached eight weeks. That’s when Sawyer came home to his new Adventure Family! As of the time of this post, Sawyer is only nine weeks old, so he hasn’t gone on many adventures yet. However, we have introduced him to Grandma’s Farm, where they go to run and play with Grandma’s pups, swim in the pond, and chase the horses.